02 august, 2023
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pCon.basket video tutorial: How to insert a logo into your report form

02 august, 2023

A company’s logo is an important part of its brand identity. By embedding your company logo in pCon.basket, you can ensure that it is present in all your quotations and forms. This gives your offer a binding character and protects it from competition. You have two options for embedding a logo in pCon.basket:

Globally embedded for the entire organization: This option is particularly useful if you want to use a logo for your entire organization. As an administrator, you have the option to upload the logo, making it available to all members of your organization. This ensures that the logo is consistently present in all offers and forms. This global embedding creates a high recognition value for your organization and is easy to understand for the users.

Alternative logos for custom reports: There may be instances where you want to use an alternative logo for a specific form that is different from your default logo. In this case, you can use a logo that is freely available on the Internet. You can use a URL to include the desired logo in the form. This option provides flexibility when it comes to specific requirements.

In the following video tutorial, we will show you how to implement both options in a simple way. Also check out the pCon.basket online help for detailed information.

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