08 maj, 2023
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Welcome to the pCon community: MIZETTO

08 maj, 2023

Configurable data from MIZETTO are now available to the pCon community. Log in to pCon.login to request the OFML data of the company.

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Get to know MIZETTO

At Mizetto we’re all about creative collaborations and forms that inspire dialogue, user interaction and creativity. At the heart of our brand is multiple constellations of designers, architects and other creatives working towards the goal of achieving locally produced items with a low environmental footprint.

This is possible due to in-house production of all wooden elements, few and short ways of transportation, minimal amounts of packaging, as well as hand-picked producers within a radius of 150 kilometers. If our history has taught us anything, it is to keep things local.

Mizetto was founded in 2004 by Malin and Rickard Muskala. All furnitures are proudly made in Småland, Sweden, where the brand has its roots, its headquarters and its production.

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