25 oktober, 2023
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pCon.login video tutorials: From registration to organisation management in 3 steps

25 oktober, 2023

pCon.login opens you the door to the pCon world. With your registration you get access to the different pCon applications and can customise the services according to your needs. Your account allows you to manage licences, request manufacturer catalogues and share content in user groups. Whether you work independently or represent a company – with pCon.login you have all your data in one spot. Take advantage of pCon.login and give your ideas and designs a new home!

To make it easy for you to get started, we’ve created three YouTube tutorials that introduce you to the topic.

Step 1: Create a pCon.login account and request manufacturer data.

Discover how you can become part of the pCon B2B network and get access to a wide range of manufacturer data. We will show you two different ways to make your registration request – once as a new user or via the registration link of a manufacturer requesting product data directly. After registration, you manage your account and add to your organization via an invitation link.

Step 2: Activating the pCon.login account for the pCon Community

In the second step, we will show you how to activate your newly created account for the pCon Community. The activation enables you to browse through available manufacturer catalogues and to request the data from the manufacturer. We recommend that you fill in your data correctly and comprehensively as possible, as each user is subject to an individual check before activation. This ensures a high standard of quality within our network and that everything is to your satisfaction and safety.

Step 3: Assigning product licences to users and groups

In the third tutorial, we will focus on the administration of your pCon.login organisation. We explain how to create user groups for different sections and how to assign to the members of your organization. Using such groups makes it easier to quickly make product licenses available to new employees when they join the team.

Find more instructions and tips on pCon.login in the product help.

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