09 august, 2023
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pCon.facts 3.5 – Little update – Big Use

09 august, 2023

Did you miss a price date to classify your articles? The new update will support it.

Now with visible Price Date 

Next to other pCon applications, the new version of pCon.facts is now supporting the price date of articles on different places in the app. 

Curious where? You will find it in the configuration mode of an article next to price information. Furthermore, it will be show in the header calculation in the article list, provided all article have the same price date. If not, a hint will be displayed in this case.  

But no worries, as usual, pCon.facts will always show today’s prices when a configuration is opened from the catalog, whenever you open a project. But if necessary for customer projects, feel free to change the date manually in the settings to a different one for an individual article or the whole list. 

Get a feeling of how to use the new function on the sales app. The following video shows you the variety around the feature price date. The new version of the sales app pCon.facts is now available in the appstores.   

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