01 maj, 2023
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Now available to the pCon community: Alea

01 maj, 2023

Configurable data allows professional users registered to the pCon community to efficiently work with Alea’s products and to insert them easily into their pCon-powered interior design projects.

Request Alea product data via pCon.login

Get to know Alea

Alea, founded near Pordenone in northern Italy, has been designing and producing high-quality office furniture for over four decades. Their mission is to create beautiful, comfortable, and inspiring office environments where people feel good.

Their portfolio of solutions includes a wide range of products, from management to workstations, from reception to storage units, all characterized by careful research of design and materials. Alea’s furniture collections are known for their unique style, ergonomic shapes, functional features, quality materials, and elegant finishes.

The initial product series available as pCon configurable data comprises F40, Bamboo, and Jungla. The F40 pods and phone booths collection was thoughtfully designed to cater to the needs of individuals seeking privacy. Whether it’s for an important call, a confidential meeting, or simply a moment of undisturbed focus, these pods provide a peaceful and comfortable space to achieve your goals.

This versatile solution offers a multitude of options and accessories, empowering architects and designers to unleash their creativity and customize it to meet the unique requirements of each customer. The collection boasts a wide range of accessories, including sofas, electrified tables and shelves, TV stands, external shelves, and much more, enabling designers to craft a truly bespoke space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The F40 product line offers a vast array of dimensions, finishes, and accessories, making it an incredibly flexible solution for a wide range of spaces. However, this extensive customization process can be time-consuming and complex when it comes to specifying, communicating, and quoting to the end customer.

Thankfully, Alea’s partners can now take advantage of the new pCon configurable data, which streamlines the entire process, enabling them to generate quick, intuitive, and error-free article lists from any of the pCon modules available. With this innovative tool, designers can focus on creating the perfect space without being bogged down by tedious non-added value tasks.

The company is also committed to innovation and sustainability and continuously searches for solutions for new office concepts. Their mission to “create beautiful, comfortable and inspiring office environments. Places where people feel good.

Alea’s showrooms are located in Italy, Paris, London, and Miami, and the company has a presence in over 90 countries through numerous dealers.

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