04 januar, 2023
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Now available in the pCon community: Talky by Erich Keller AG

04 januar, 2023

Configurable data from Erich Keller AG are now available to the pCon community. Log in to pCon.login to request the OFML data of the company.
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More about Talky and Erich Keller AG

Since 1951, the Swiss company Erich Keller AG has stood for the planning, production and assembly of high-quality, innovative furniture and interiors. A special focus is on the development and implementation of technologically advanced communication workstations with integrated cooling. The team of over 100 employees realizes projects all over the world, from New York to Frankfurt to Tokyo. Production takes place on more than 9’000m2 in Switzerland.

Talky general: A double win for the office. Talky offers space for new things. It is multifunctional and flexible. A large number of add-ons – inside and out – make Talky an integral part of the workspace, enriching today’s agile working environment. Talky is right in the middle of the open space office, but does not impose itself. Talky is the optimal solution for undisturbed telephone calls and video calls, for focus work and for meetings in open space. Whether as a colorful eye-catcher or a reduced element in the room, whether in stylish mustard yellow or precisely coordinated with your corporate design: Talky also adapts perfectly to your visual requirements. By means of a touchscreen, the lighting as well as the ventilation can be adjusted by the user to the respective needs.

Talky S75: Thanks to its first-class acoustic insulation value and low-noise ventilation, Talky S75 is perfect as a phonebooth for undisturbed phone calls in open space, but also as a retreat for concentrated focus work.

Talky S109: Alone or together? Talky S109 offers space for both. Whether it’s a meeting room, micro office or stylish lounge, easily make it what you and your team need. Experience a clean design that fits any office, excellent soundproofing, and great air quality thanks to powerful ventilation.

Talky M75: Talky M75 offers space for new things. The dimensions are adapted to office layouts and the interior can be individually equipped with furniture. Thanks to its first-class acoustic insulation value and low-noise ventilation, Talky M75 is perfect as a retreat in open space.

Talky L75: Thanks to its first-class acoustic insulation value and low-noise ventilation, Talky L75 is perfect as a boardroom for team meetings or video calls. But also as a retreat for concentrated focus work or as a quiet room for regeneration.

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