20 februar, 2023
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Now available in pCon.catalog: Actiforce

20 februar, 2023

Configurable data from the Dutch manufacturer Actiforce have already been available to the pCon community. Now you can also find the high-quality furniture for public environments available for free download in pCon.catalog.

See the products from Actiforce in pCon.catalog

More about Actiforce

Agility is a word that describes not only the products that Actiforce creates, yet also its culture. A purposefully short chain of command encourages action, movement and transparency. Prioritising equality and cross-collaboration within its own teams – across sales, marketing, R&D, engineering, manufacturing – has contributed to Actiforce’s pride in the value of each team member, the type of workplace they need, and the multi-faceted nature of modern workplace design.

Movement begins here, and the revolution is just getting started. For us today, that means stepping into every type of workplace; from offices, to warehouses, hospitals, kitchens and homes. We want to bring healthy living to every place of work.

Creating workspace solutions that covers all needs bring challenges for any interior designer of today. Designers are rethinking the traditional paradigms to create multi-functional spaces. Riding the wave of the workplace revolution, our goal is to bring more movement to the workday – whether it’s through a healthy sit-stand desk or a hybrid working day that enables a healthier work-life balance.

With our modular, ergonomic and contemporary designed SLS Collection, we provide the solution for creating spaces for work, collaboration and stay connected.

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