13 maj, 2024
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New to the pCon community: Mayer Sitzmoebel

13 maj, 2024

Configurable data from Mayer Sitzmoebel is now available to the pCon community. Log in to pCon.login to request the OFML data of the company. 

Request Mayer Sitzmoebel product data via pCon.login 

More about Mayer Sitzmoebel

Innovative seating solutions: Mayer Sitzmoebel has been setting standards for over 130 years 

For over a century, Mayer Sitzmoebel has stood for quality, innovation and variety in the world of seating furniture. With a clear focus on innovative designs, high-quality materials and an unbeatable price-performance balance, the company has established itself as a leading supplier. From bar stools to office chairs, Mayer offers a wide range of products that fulfil the most diverse requirements. 

Customised order processing and fast delivery 

Mayer Sitzmoebel attaches great importance to customised and reliable order processing. Every customer has a personal contact person who guarantees fast and flexible processing of complaints and objections. Many items are also available in the fast delivery programme and can be delivered within five working days. Customised products also reach the customer within a maximum of four weeks thanks to efficient production processes and dropshipping. In addition, there is no minimum order value, meaning that even smaller orders or individual requests can be realised without any problems. 

Variety in design and assembly 

Mayer Sitzmoebel’s wide range of covers allows customers to customise their products to suit their requirements. It is also possible to use third-party fabrics to give any room the desired ambience. Many bar and counter stools and chairs are supplied fully assembled, which not only saves customers an enormous amount of time, but also money. 

Mayer Sitzmoebel and pCon 

For planners and designers looking for a comprehensive interior design solution, Mayer Sitzmoebel offers seamless integration into the pCon platform. With pCon, professionals can integrate 3D models of Mayer seating products into their interior designs to provide their customers with realistic visualisations and enhance the shopping experience. This integration enables planners to optimise their designs with high-quality seating solutions from Mayer and offer their customers an even wider range of options. 

Product range modules from Mayer Sitzmoebel 

Bar & counter stools: Perfect for staff cafeterias or catering establishments, Mayer’s stools offer both comfort and style.
Chairs for different purposes: Whether in the waiting room, visitor or conference room, Mayer chairs impress with their ergonomics, functionality and fresh design. Many models are stackable, easy to clean and offer individual customisation options.
Swivel chairs for office buildings: Mayer’s diverse swivel chair programme offers a wide range of functions and adjustment options for modern and healthy sitting in the office.
All in all, Mayer Sitzmoebel is more than just a furniture manufacturer. With their commitment to quality, variety and customer satisfaction, they set standards in the industry and remain synonymous with innovative seating solutions even after more than 130 years. 

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