22 januar, 2024
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New to the pCon community: Horreds Möbel AB

22 januar, 2024

Configurable data from Horreds Möbel AB is now available to the pCon community. Log in to pCon.login to request the OFML data of the company.

Request Horreds product data via pCon.login

Learn more about the Swedish manufacturer

Steeped in a legacy that dates back to 1936, Horreds Möbel AB stands as a beacon of craftsmanship and commitment in the world of office and meeting furniture. The essence of their brand, encapsulated in the term “Rebel Quality”, sets them apart as manufacturers who go beyond the ordinary. As this Swedish company joins the pCon community, let’s delve into what makes Horreds a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

“Rebel Quality” – A Commitment to Endurance: At the core of Horreds Möbel AB’s philosophy lies “Rebel Quality,” a concept that extends beyond mere durability. It signifies furniture that withstands wear and tear, embraces design changes, and allows for timeless renewal. From surfaces to the feel of wood, stitching, and material combinations, Horreds pays meticulous attention to detail, creating products that endure the test of time and rebelliously defy the ordinary.

Long-Term Sustainability and Customization: Horreds thrives on challenges – whether it be meeting high customer demands, accommodating customizations, or adapting to unique preferences. Operating from their own factory in Horred, Sweden, the company takes pride in producing furniture that not only meets these demands but also adheres to long-term sustainability. The Rebel Quality ethos extends beyond product durability to encompass a commitment to environmental and quality certifications.

Production with Purpose: In an industry marked by mass production, Horreds stands out by creating lasting impressions through their own factory in Horred. The ambition to create lasting and sustainable design has been a driving force since the company’s inception. Every piece of furniture crafted at Horreds tells a story of rebellion with purpose – a purpose to provide customers with more than just functional furniture but an experience that resonates with enduring quality.

While the pCon community collaboration is a recent development, it aligns seamlessly with Horreds’ commitment to innovation and quality. With a rich history and in-house production excellence, Horreds is shaping the future of office spaces. This union holds exciting possibilities, urging everyone in the design community to join the rebellion for purposeful design, sustainability, and enduring quality.

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