16 januar, 2023
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Four Design and pCon

16 januar, 2023

Danish manufacturer and reseller Four Design has been using pCon since 2011.
Four Design started their pCon journey by offering its products to customers in pCon.catalog. In 2015 Four Design extended its pCon commitment by offering configurable OFML data for Four Design’s entire product range.
In recent years Four Design has extended their use of their OFML data by using pCon.ui (online configuration) of all products on their website.

Four Design is committed to using the latest technologies to enhance the customer experience and make shopping for furniture as convenient as possible.

The integration of pCon.ui and the “Augmented Reality” option on the website are just a few examples of how Four Design is leveraging OFML data to provide a seamless and interactive shopping experience. With the ability to configure products online and see them in AR, customers can visualize how the furniture will look in their own space and make informed purchase decisions.

As a bonus the use of pCon.ui also makes it easy and convenient for architects and interior decorators to configure and download 3D files in various formats for use in their projects.

See how Four Design utilizes the power of configurable OFML data here.

Perhaps online configuration and the use of AR is also of interest to you? If yes, do not hesitate to reach out to us for a demonstration of what is also possible when using the powerful OFML data.

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