04 januar, 2023
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Customer case Ultima K

04 januar, 2023

Ultima K uses pCon.planner to generate realistic renderings of their interior design for their clients. Even while the craftsmen were still finalizing the interior of the building, Ultima K was able to present the interior design and give ordnung office hotel a good understanding of how it will look through 3D visualizations.

This efficient method allows them to present their space planning ideas effectively and streamline the interior design and space planning process.

The use of pCon.planner facilitates efficient communication and helps ensure a smooth collaboration.
Ultima K creates interior design that is both functional and sustainable. They sell, design, and manufacture high-quality furniture that meets their own and their customers’ demands.

ordnung office hotel offers serviced offices for companies that desire a flexible work environment in professional office spaces. With options for 1 to 100 workplaces, ordnung office hotel provides a convenient and cost-effective solution for serviced offices.

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