30 januar, 2023
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Customer case Dencon A/S

30 januar, 2023

Dencon A/S uses pCon in their daily work and all their standard models are in pCon.Catalog.
Dencon use pCon to show their customers how a given piece of furniture looks with different surfaces and colors.
It is easy even to modify the models to suit the customer’s needs if a special dimension is desired.It gives Dencon an advantage to have a 3D drawing to show the customer instead of describing it with text.

Many of Dencon retailers are skilled users of pCon.planner and can create interior designs for the end customer. If assistance is needed,
Dencon is always happy to help. Nice rendered images of single rooms or larger interior designs helps Dencon to visualize their solutions.
Dencon even uses the images from pCon.planner for internal use such as displaying renderings of the respective models on their order confirmations.
These drawings are also available in an image database on their website.

Dencon A/S has been designing modern contract furniture since 1964 that works in modern businesses and workplaces.
Dencon designs are based on people, functionality, flexibility and aesthetics. And almost everything is produced in our factory in Denmark.

Today Dencon A/S has a production area of 8,500 sqm and employs around 60 employees in Skive.
Dencon core competency is panel furniture and our production equipment is modern and efficient.
This ensures that Dencon can meet their goals of delivering products that provide value for money for both private and public customers in domestic and foreign markets.

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