06 marts, 2023
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Customer case: Montana Furniture

06 marts, 2023

Montana design team uses pCon to draw and visualize the possibilities with Montana. Additionally, they use it to render visualizations for presentations.

Montana’s own sales representatives use pCon to create quotes for architects and dealers. Montana dealers use pCon in their projects, where they calculate quotes, create drawings for projects, etc. It’s a good way to get architects to consider Montana in their projects, and they have easy access to a range of products.

Since 1982, the family-owned Montana Furniture has provided personalized storage solutions to families across generations. The Danish high-end furniture brand was established by Peter J. Lassen, who also created the modular Montana System. Today, Montana is led by Joakim Lassen, who is Peter Lassen’s son.

All Montana modules are designed, developed, and produced in Haarby, Fyn, Denmark and sold worldwide.

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